eLearning Example – Make Compliance Courses Engaging

eLearning Compliance Course Example

One of the ways I become a better eLearning designer is by finding good examples and trying to replicate the elements I like. Recently, my friend Brooke Schepker from Yukon Learning shared a sample course. There are a lot of great ideas that you can apply to your designs. I've included some video lessons and […] Read More

How to use conversations to embed content in elearning


I started writing a blog post about how to embed eLearning content into conversations. It was ok. But I didn't love it. Then I had an idea: why not take that same content and embed it into a conversation? I also included the original article below that. Let me know which style you prefer in […] Read More

eLearning tips from Tom Kuhlmann

eLearning Tips from Tom Kuhlmann

I had the pleasure of interviewing eLearning guru Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Community at Articulate and the author of the Rapid eLearning Blog, the most popular blog in the eLearning industry with over 100k subscribers. In this interview Tom shares his advice on how to improve as an eLearning developer, and his thoughts on topics […] Read More

Instructional Design Tips from Cammy Bean

Instructional Design Tips From Cammy Bean

I recently had the opportunity to interview Cammy Bean, a frequent speaker and popular eLearning blogger. She shared many practical instructional design tips that you can use to improve the training you build. As a special bonus to my readers, and as a thank you to Cammy for the interview, I'm giving away 10 copies […] Read More

Use mini-scenarios for pocket-sized eLearning lessons

eLearning Mini-Scenario

In a previous post, I talked about using conversations in eLearning and showed some techniques for rapid conversation building. In this post, I’ll take it one step further and show you how a fleshed out conversation can become a mini-scenario. These mini-scenarios put an issue into context and encourage your learners to think about how […] Read More