Instructional Design Tips from Cammy Bean

Instructional Design Tips From Cammy Bean

I recently had the opportunity to interview Cammy Bean, a frequent speaker and popular eLearning blogger. She shared many practical instructional design tips that you can use to improve the training you build. As a special bonus to my readers, and as a thank you to Cammy for the interview, I'm giving away 10 copies […] Read More

Use mini-scenarios for pocket-sized eLearning lessons

eLearning Mini-Scenario

In a previous post, I talked about using conversations in eLearning and showed some techniques for rapid conversation building. In this post, I’ll take it one step further and show you how a fleshed out conversation can become a mini-scenario. These mini-scenarios put an issue into context and encourage your learners to think about how […] Read More

6 eLearning Intro Screen Ideas

eLearning Intro Screens - How to Build

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why the intro, or “splash” screen, is arguably the most important slide in your eLearning course. While it doesn’t change performance, it does set the tone for the learner’s experience. “Does this course look like it is well designed or just thrown together?” The […] Read More

Become a member of the largest eLearning asset library for as low as $5.83 per month. View Plans A year ago we announced our membership program and the value keeps getting better; our library has grown 2.5X in the past year with tons of awesome new products added monthly! If you haven't visited the site recently, […] Read More

eLearning Conversation

If you look closely, you’ll notice that content is delivered through conversations in many types of media… in movies, TV shows, interviews, commercials, and more. Part of the beauty of conversations is that the content is delivered and you aren’t even aware of it. In this post I’ll outline some best uses of conversations to […] Read More


Back before I started eLearningArt, I worked on a consulting project in a niche industry that had a limited supply of useful stock images. Given our budget, conducting a custom photo-shoot was out of the question. On the other end of the spectrum, we also didn’t want the unprofessional feel of using mismatched clipart. Instead, […] Read More


When I work with display board eLearning templates, the image of the display board is only one part of the design. You’re probably used to seeing images like this (you don't need to read the content, it's just a placeholder): …which is fine. But when I use display boards in my eLearning courses, the image […] Read More


PowerPoint is a powerful tool, but I’m often surprised that some of the most useful features are hidden. Here are the top 5 tips that would have saved me many, many hours of work over the past few years if I had only known them. I hope you find them as useful as I do. […] Read More

eLearning Splash Screen Example Avatar

You don’t need a blockbuster movie budget to incorporate some cool techniques from movies. In fact, a lot of what I learn from movies and TV is more about storytelling than special effects. Take the example of the “establishing shot” that my good friend, Dave Richards, from e-Mersion introduced to me. Dave has a background […] Read More


One of the most important elements of good scenarios, quizzes, and templates is the background image. It’s easy to spend hours searching for the right background. One way to cut down on the search time is to build your own backgrounds. In this post, I’ll show you four techniques that I use to rapidly build […] Read More